Etiquette training – Mosman Chamber of Commerce

College of Etiquette

Trading as the International College of Etiquette and also the Sydney College of Etiquette.

Do you or your team need to perfect your manners to help you succeed?

The team at College of Etiquette is passionate about helping everyone from teenagers, business people, people entering the work force for the first time and people who would like to top up their manners.

Some of our clients are Commonwealth Bank, The Sydney Swans Academy, International Property Group, Loreto College Kirribilli, Macquarie University, Oakhill College and Wenona.

Some of the subjects are:

    • Table Manners
    • Networking Skills
    • Dressing for Success
    • Techno Etiquette
    • The Art of the Conversation
    • Office Etiquette
    • Party Etiquette
    • Restaurant Etiquette
    • Shaking Hands and Introductions
    • Being Polite
    • Learning to Say “No”