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Anastase Art of Photography

At Anastase Art of Photography, we transform spaces into visual poetry. 
Our passion lies in curating exceptional wall art for both homes and businesses, introducing a unique and captivating approach to artistic expression through light painting photography.
We believe that art has the power to elevate environments, evoke emotions, and spark conversations. Our collection goes beyond the ordinary, embracing an abstract aesthetic that mesmerizes the beholder. Each piece is meticulously crafted through the lens, capturing the dance of light in a way that transcends traditional photography.
Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling is evident in our use of light as a primary medium.
Light painting photography allows us to sculpt ethereal forms and bring a dynamic energy to each composition. The result is a collection of artworks that blend the technical mastery of photography with the emotive qualities of abstract art.
Whether adorning the walls of a home seeking a touch of sophistication or gracing the interiors of businesses aiming for a statement in creativity, Anastase Fine Art Photography transforms spaces into immersive experiences. 
Our pieces not only captivate the eye but also invite contemplation, offering a sensory journey through the interplay of light and shadow.
Anastase Fine Art Photography is not just about pictures; it’s about the art of seeing, the magic of light, and the creation of spaces that resonate with emotion and inspiration.
Discover the extraordinary with Anastase Fine Art Photography – where light, form, and imagination converge to redefine the essence of fine art in every frame.

Society Photography

At Society Photography photographing people is what we do best. From weddings to portraits, Society Photography will capture the occasion as it unfolds… Transforming brief moments in time into memories preserved forever.

Led by David Stowe, Society Photography is a small team of creatives united by a common goal to capture stunning images that inspire and celebrate.

Visit our website to view some of our unique imagery and find out more about our services.

We also invite you to come in to our studio  and meet us in person. Because, like you, we are real people and would love to meet you so that we can celebrate your Life and your Love.

Suzanne Stevenson Photography

Hi I’m Suzanne,

I specialise in creative family portraiture and Personal Branding for business owners.

I work with many families in Mosman to capture their beautiful families and I specialise in high end quality products.

I also love working with business owners to help them tell their unique story through capturing a set of carefully planned images that can be used across all print and online platforms.

I live in Mosman and work on location around the North Shore and Eastern suburbs.

Family photography testimonial

Suz worked absolute magic with our kids and a location that is so meaningful to us. Our leather bound album of gorgeous photos captured a special moment in time for our family in a way nothing else ever could“.

Michelle Mitchell, Mosman

Personal Branding Testimonial

The incredible photos that Suzanne took have substantially boosted both my business and credibility. Her amazing images were used to help promote my book and they have been used everywhere from magazines, newspapers, online news and pop culture sites, and all over social media. One of the secrets to getting media coverage is to have fantastic photos available for them to use and Suzanne knows how to shoot in a style that media love“.

Bec Brown, The Comms Department