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Urns by Atemo

At Urns by Atemo, it has been our mission to create a collection of contemporary urns for Ashes, that are dignified and respectful in design.

Our urns are beautiful pieces that will last forever in that special place in your home, yet when placed in nature and exposed to soil and moisture, the urns will leave no trace in the environment. Made out of liquid wood and completely biodegradable, once immersed in earth, they will over time become one with nature again.

Every urn in our collection has been chosen with love and compassion, and with the intention to help you find a personal and heartfelt piece to keep your loved one’s Ashes.

We know that this is a purchase no one wants to make. Yet choosing an urn that reflects your loved one’s values, preferences and personality can bring some comfort and peace.

Grace Funerals – Family Owned Funeral Directors on the North Shore


Losing a loved one is heart breaking. Whether sudden or expected, the grief and sadness that clouds your family can be overwhelming.

During such a sensitive time, you must find a funeral director near you who you can trust to understand your family’s wishes. We begin by simply listening and taking the time to get to know you and your loved one. We bring your funeral service to life with respect, style and precision.

If you are planning a funeral in the Penrith, Blue Mountains or Sydney’s North Shore, we invite you to speak with our compassionate team today for step-by-step guidance on everything you need to know to create a personalised funeral that honours and respects your loved one.