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Business Description:

JAMES AVENUE is a boutique agency based in Sydney, delivering a platinum experience for buyers, sellers and investors at all levels of the property market. Under the Directorship of Founder Krys Drysdale, JAMES AVENUE provides outstanding service and exceptional results with consistency and efficiency. Nothing is left to chance. 

As a client, you will quickly discover we don’t do things the same way as everyone else. After all, your needs are different too. At JAMES AVENUE, it’s all about that difference. Our agents are independent yet empowered by a system that provides them with access to world-leading resources, customised marketing strategies, premium support and the latest industry technology. We created a ‘better way’ for our agents, thus creating a ‘better way’ for you.  

Our agents are professional, knowledgeable and always remain deeply focused on achieving the best possible outcome for the sale or purchase of your property. Most importantly, our agents are successful. They are proven industry professionals out in the marketplace doing what they do best – achieving success for you. It’s their motivation for everything and we believe that is the key to providing a superior level of expertise and service many others can only aspire to emulate.

Contact: Krys Drysdale

Address: Level 25, 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Phone: +61 414 903 567

Mobile: +61 414 903 567

Email: krysdrysdale@jamesavenue.com.au

Website: https://jamesavenue.com.au

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