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Ilona Vass is an expert in leadership and team communication.She helps business owners and people leaders discover and expand their full communication potential and teams to build an excellent everyday communication infrastructure, always keeping human originality in mind.She works with her clients in person or virtually and offers a range of programs, workshops and retreats, including coaching, training, mentoring and speaking at company events.Ilona’s work with clients strongly focuses on the requirements of the new hybrid work forms, on lifting communication capabilities and maintaining dignity in a team and multi-generational company environment.Ilona is on an inspired mission to improve the way humans speak with each other and handle challenging conversations with ease and dignity. Taking the pressure off around communication with a positive outcome in mind is her focus in training, coaching and facilitation.Ilona’s experiences are gathered from

  • Travelling to over 30 countries
  • Working longer than one year in 6 different countries
  • Speaking fluently in German, English, Mandarin
  • Multiple Coaching qualifications
  • Certified and licensed PCM Trainer
  • Certified LOD Trainer
  • Dance qualifications in Ballroom, Latin and Bharatanatyam
  • 10yrs teaching young people leaders in tertiary education

This is what clients say about Ilona:

Einstein said, ” if you cannot explain it  simply, then you do not understand it well enough”. In this regard,  Ilona is an exceptionally skilled coach.  She understands how to  methodically guide coaching sessions to reach valuable insights, while  at the same time improvising to ensure that the outcomes specifically  meet the needs of the coachee. This kind of coaching is a delicate art  form that can only be delivered by someone who truly understands her  field.
Francesca Greco
Senior Design Manager at Lendlease
“After many years of leadership tools and models, I thoroughly enjoyed the PCM model, but I have to say the real insights came from our session together. You explained simply and concisely how the model worked and, even more importantly, how it played out for my leadership. Thank you, Ilona.”
Sarah N.
Marketing Director – Beverage Industry

Contact: Ilona Vass

Phone: +61 410 344 245



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