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Business Description:

EcoWalks Tours is a trusted Sydney bush walking tour operator in Sydney Harbour National Park.

As an accredited NSW Parks Eco Pass tour operator, EcoWalks Tours specialises in providing visitors with informative commentary about the native plants and animals as well as the historic relics throughout the park.

Whilst on your guided walking tour you’ll have chance encounters with unique birds, reptiles, amphibians and the cute and furry like possums.

You’ll hear about the yesteryear of the Sydney Harbour National Park and the surrounding area of Mosman. That is, you’ll hear stories of the weekend excursionists, bohemian bush artists as well as the local military history too.

EcoWalks Tours has a strong connection with First Australians of the Lower Northshore and Northern Beaches. Through this connection we provide opportunities for you to experience traditional heritage and learn more about culture from knowledge holders within our community.

We also provide education tours for children ages 7 to 12 during the school holidays as well as for that unique eco-friendly birthday party or special event.

Contact: Alan Toner

Address: Sydney Harbour National Park

Phone: +61 406 787 684



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