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Cancer Council is Australia’s leading cancer charity, and the only Australian charity working across every aspect of every cancer, from research to prevention and support. Our vision is a cancer free future, and every day across the country our federation is working towards that, helping to reduce the physical, emotional and financial burden of cancer on the lives of all Australians.

One of our standout initiatives is our annual Gala event, Stars of the North, held in the vibrant heart of Sydney’s North Shore. A night where twelve local celebrities team up with dance instructors for a memorable performance. Beyond the glamour and glitz, it’s a meaningful event that highlights the collective effort needed to fight cancer.

This event isn’t just a local hit; it’s a media sensation, drawing attention and support. We keep it rooted in the community, providing a stage for local businesses and dancers. This focus not only strengthens community ties but also amplifies the impact of the event.

Stars of the North blends glamour, purpose, and community involvement, showcasing our commitment to comprehensive cancer support and a united pursuit of a cancer-free future.

Contact: Stacey Thwaites

Address: 153 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo NSW

Phone: +61 401 110 791

Mobile: +61 401 110 791



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