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Plastic Free Southeast Asia (Plastic Free SEA)

Plastic Free Southeast Asia (Plastic Free SEA)
Business Description

Plastic Free Southeast Asia and Australia is a professional service to help your business reduce plastic and become more eco conscious, creating more loyalty with your staff and customers.

Our services include:

  • procurement and waste management advice
  • team training workshop programs
  • behaviour change advice
  • marketing strategy for your environmental practices

We specialise in the tourism and hospitality sector. Business can have a huge impact for the improvement of our community. By influencing how you purchase, how your team think and benefits to your customers, the ripple effect in the community brings huge positive change for everyone.

What our clients say about us

“Since HAVEN opened its gates in 2011, we have constantly been working on and improving our sustainability and have put a lot of heart, thought and effort into keeping our ecological footprint small. Meeting Sarah and her team from Plastic Free SEA brought us a whole step further regarding the environmental trainings of our HAVEN family.

With PFSEA we have found a dedicated partner who does expert trainings for the whole HAVEN family, helps them develop a deeper understanding for environmental issues and evokes the responsibility to respect, protect and preserve our natural world. We have built a great relationship with Plastic Free SEA, and will continue to build on that in the future.”

Sara Wallimann
Haven restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sarah Rhodes
206, 55 Harbour Street Mosman
Phone number
0491 756 366
  • Plastic Free Southeast Asia (Plastic Free SEA)
  • Plastic Free Southeast Asia (Plastic Free SEA)

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