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Pink Cow Social

Pink Cow Social
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Pink Cow Social
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Briana Graydon, the founder of Pink Cow Social, runs a client focused boutique social media agency and she loves the jobs you hate. Hashtags causing you a headache? Is content creation becoming overwhelming?  Is regular posting and engaging with your followers taking too much of your precious time? From one small business owner to another, Briana understands the importance of social media, outsourcing and working to a tight budget which is why you will find everything you need for your small business needs all at an affordable price.

What makes Briana different to you, or anyone else who can post on social media? Briana has a Bachelor of Business in Marketing meaning your socials come with a sprinkle of strategy. If you need help with creating the amazing caption, editing the image or gaining further exposure for your business, book in for a 15 minute chat on her website and get social.

Briana Graydon
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