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Ten Tonne Penguin

Ten Tonne Penguin
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Ten Tonne Penguin
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Ten Tonne Penguin Ice Breaker Cards are a series of thought provoking questions and unfinished statements, specifically designed to get conversations, stories and laughter flowing.

They can be used one-on-one, or in a room of people. Play Ten Tonne Penguin with family, colleagues or at conferences and networking events.

In an increasingly digital world, we are all more connected than ever. With our heads in our phones, have we actually become less connected through losing the art of conversation? That’s why Ten Tonne Penguin developed a range of ice breaker and conversation cards… for spending quality time with the people that matter, and opening up conversations with new people in situations where they may not know each other all that well.

Ten Tonne Penguin icebreaker cards also make great corporate gifts.

Cheryl Frank
19 Bond Street, Mosman 2088
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0404 995 007
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