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Nomad Chiropractic in Mosman is run by Dr Lucy Bartlett (Family Chiropractor) who grew up on Sydney’s North Shore and studied Chiropractic at Macquarie Uni.

You’re never too old or too young to have your spine checked

Chiropractic care is just as important for the growing nervous system and spine as it is for adults. Any stress on the body – physical, emotional or chemical – may cause change to your child’s biomechanics. Your chiropractor will check your baby or child’s spine for full range of motion; assess developmental milestones and their primitive and postural reflexes to see if there is anything we can do, or equally you can do at home, to help.

As a family wellness chiropractor Lucy loves looking after the whole family, including pregnancy and newborn care, with a holistic approach to health.

A chat about your concerns will help to determine if an assessment might be necessary; and if chiropractic is the right modality for you and your family.

Lucy Bartlett
Suite 1, 563 Military Rd, Mosman 2088
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