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The Centre for Life Therapies (CLT) brings the latest and best modalities of life coaching and therapy to understand and improve your life. From Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to Matrix Therapies, Hypnotherapy, Multiple Brain Integration (mBIT), Meditation and Soul Coaching, every program is hand-picked to create fast and lasting change in your life. Life coaching can transform your life and allow you to fulfill your true potential, whether you want to:

  • change your mindset and patterns of behaviour to create better outcomes in your life,
  • have more confidence and self-esteem,
  • attract better relationships and/or better finances.

Or perhaps you may want to become a Life Coach and help others. Through the CLT you can become a certified Life Coach.

Sonya Furlong is a Life Coach and therapist with a string of qualifications, and is the founder of the Centre for Life Therapies. She offers:

  • Life Coaching one-on-one sessions
  • NLP and Matrix Therapy
  • Meditation courses
  • Soul Coaching® workshops and programs
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