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Business name: Itchy Feet Digital
Business Description:

Itchy Feet Digital can drive your business marketing success through digital video production and video training. We help you reach your goals by creating video and copy for social, websites and EDMs. No matter your brief or budget, our productions and workshops are hassle-free, fun and affordable. Our collaborations are audience-focused and professional.

Let us transform your video project into an enjoyable and successful experience.

Digital video can be anything from a hero brand story on a landing page, a punchy promo on social to a low-fi video in an email; and anything in between and beyond. Video is consistently shown to be the most powerful communication tools marketers can use to build engagement through screens. No matter why you want video, we’ll help you achieve the best business outcomes within your budget.

Founded by Amy Bingham and Andy Newlyn, Itchy Feet is a collective of trusted producers, strategists, writers, cinematographers, animators and editors.

Our services include:

  • Video Production
  • Video Strategy
  • Social media Video
  • Drone footage
  • Training and Workshops
  • Copywriting
Contact: Amy Bingham
Phone number: 0404 839 393
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