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Balmoral Asset Management
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Balmoral Asset Management is an Australian private investment company based in Sydney. It was originally set up to help friends and family grow their wealth through good investing behaviours, to ensure long term benefits.

The founder, Angus Crennan, believes owning great commercial assets for long periods is the best way to grow wealth.

  • Balmoral utilises a value philosophy, which means the value of an investment must always be a function of the price you pay for it.
  • Balmoral looks to own part interests in dominant businesses by which we mean the best in their field, not necessarily the largest. This is differentiated from most value investors.
  • We use conservative valuation techniques involving a margin of safety.

As at Australia Day 2019 the Balmoral Fund has delivered two year returns of 21.3% after fees vs the global shares benchmark MSCI World 13.7%.

Angus Crennan
74 Avenue Rd, Mosman 2088
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0438 125 467
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