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Do you need some marketing assistance in your business?

Picture this – As an entrepreneur or SB owner or a Non-For-Profit organisation where you are juggling everything to run your business including marketing and customer service. You and your team would prefer to focus on delivering your business proposition, and not be distracted on developing and delivering key marketing services that will impact on the following:

  • Increase lead generation
  • Customer retention
  • Establish stronger brand position
  • Refine current operational process for better customer / client experience

Agility Marketing provides the following services:

An outsourced specialist who can immediately immerse into your business to do:

  • Top level business audit on your marketing strategy
  • Identify marketing gaps and develop your marketing plan
  • Determine and agreed on a key campaign to deliver in the short term
  • Launch, track and monitor
  • Always applying the AM principles of Challenge-Clarify-Execute

You and your team are then free to focus on delivering your core business proposition, a win-win!

May Chang
Avenue Road, Mosman 2088
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0428 538 888
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