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Office Society

Office Society
Business Description

Office Society enables business owners to have more time to work in their business rather than on it, removing the stress from procrastination, stagnation and constantly doing it all yourself.

Office Society has helped all sorts of business owners who understand for their business to reach its full potential they need support. They also understand if they are going to enjoy the ride they cannot do it all themselves. Kim explains: “It is quite a buzz to see their face light up when they realise how easy the process is to hand over their administrative processes. You can see the weight lifting from their shoulders.

Office Society provides a range of services, including:

Systems and Process Management
  • Email, Diary and Calendar Management
  • Automation
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Document Development and Design
  • Recordkeeping and Bookkeeping
Event Management
  • Events – planning, operations, liaising with stakeholders, promoting, ticketing
  • Webinars
Team Management
  • Allocate tasks and responsibilities
  • Track progress
  • Hold regular team meetings
  • Train and develop team members
Kim Wright
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