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Lunar Media Productions – Helping people to tell relevant, engaging and authentic stories

We help you to create interactive videos, documentaries, online portfolios, interviews, TVC and commercial video content at our Lunar studio in Mosman or at your location.

A one off video is usually good enough just to start to communicate with your clients.

If we would compare this with the gears of a car, then the one off video is the is the first gear which enables you to move the car, then immediately to switch into gear two, then gear three and so on, this is how it works to get speed and aim for a destination.

By analogy, the same thing is happening with a video subscription, it is not only some random videos every now and then, but a pace of communication strategy which cannot stay in first gear, or a one off video for the whole year or produced with inconsistent quality and content.

The Lunar video subscription is the gearbox of your business media communication.

Contact: Catalin Anastase
Address: Shop 6, 707 Military Road, Mosman
Phone number: 0420 711 988 or 02 8056 4381
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