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Dancing with the Dragons helps businesses and individuals to understand communication & conflict on a deep level, so that they can have a better and successful life at work and at home.

Organisations we have been given the opportunity to work with have achieved

  • A better sales performance
  • An improved profitability
  • A happier workforce

If you are a modern business and want to keep up with the challenges around agility, transformation & collaboration, you will have to find new and unique ways to shape your communication and manage conflict.

Dancing with the Dragons provides a variety of services, from training programs, workshops and executive coaching to cross-cultural communication facilitation. We have international experience in China, SE-Asia, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand. We’d love to explore with you how we can assist, give us a call!

This is what clients say about us:

“Thank you so much Ilona. The seminar you ran for my team was inspiring, inclusive and has made a great difference to both our internal and external relationships. The insights we gained from understanding personal communication types and how stress impacts on behaviour has helped so much in growing meaningful and positive relationships within the business and with our clients. The team loved the workshop, reflect regularly on the action tips and are keen to get you back again for a refresher!”

Andrea Mortensen
Director, Appetite Communications

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