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Adam Axford, “Awestruck”

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Held on 21st November 2022 at Mosman Art Gallery

Adam has dazzled the likes of Google, Amazon, KPMG, Canva, Spotify, Adobe, Microsoft. And in November 2022 the local Mosman community had the opportunity to experience his magic first hand. In his show “Awestruck” Adam taught the audience how to bring back moments of Wonder into their work and personal life.

Tickets sold out fast! Mosman Chamber was able to provide the event for FREE, courtesy of funding made available by the NSW Government, via advocacy by Felicity Wilson MP.

Attendees were mind-blown, and left with a renewed sense of what is possible, and how to make it happen. The power of the mind can be harnessed to aid in mental wellbeing and the success of everything an individual embarks upon.

Adam’s performances transcend magic entertainment. A provoking storyteller with sharp-witted improv skills, Adam’s passion for mind and language unveils a deep sense of magic entertainment.

Contemporary and courageous, the impact of Adam’s magic is matched only by the astounding testimonials from so many highly reputable companies.


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