July 2022 – Mosman Chamber of Commerce

Rebuild, Recharge, Renew!

For more information on our wonderful speakers, see below:

Nicola Bond, CEO
Alkye Services – full service digital agency

Jess Bygate, Clinic Leader
Keiser Mosman – physiotherapy, rehab, strength, conditioning

Jodie de Vries, Managing Director
Tiny Hunter – strategic branding agency

Sarah Rhodes, Founder
Plastic Free SEA – eco consulting & solutions for business

Special thanks to our special guest speakers Ross Greenwood, The Hon. Eleni Petinos MP, and Chris Lamont.

Ross Greenwood, Business & Finance Editor, journalist & author

The Hon. Eleni Petinos, MP, NSW Minister for Small Business

Chris Lamont, The NSW Small Business Commissioner

And our special guests:

Zali Steggall OAM MP, Federal Member for Warringah

Felicity Wilson, Member for North Shore

Carolyn Corrigan, Mayor of Mosman

Think Mosman First – August 2020

Think Mosman First is Chamber’s latest initiative to support local businesses through this incredibly challenging period. Window Decals & Counter Signs, featuring our Think Mosman First logo, have been delivered to all local businesses and many are now proudly on display. With the support of Mosman Council, letters have also been sent to every resident asking them to keep an eye out for the colourful red and blue decals visible throughout the village, and to please Think Mosman First when they next need to make a purchase, visit a restaurant or engage professional services. If we all work together we will help our local Mosman community to recover more quickly from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read the full story here

Local Business Covid-19 Support Forum

A huge thank you to our local business community & special guests for joining our Online Business Covid-19 Support Forum in July 2021. We had lots of questions raised both on the call, and prior to, which was understandable given the lengthy lockdown and the pressure that comes with that, particularly for small business.

Mosman Chamber remains very appreciative of the time given to us by our special guests:

Minister for Finance & Small Business – The Hon. Damien Tudehope

NSW Small Business Commissioner – Chris Lamont

Federal Member for Warringah – Zali Steggall

Member for North Shore – Felicity Wilson MP

Mayor of Mosman – Carolyn Corrigan

General Manager of Mosman Council – Dominic Johnson

The biggest issues raised during the Forum were : –

Commercial leases – clear guidelines urgently needed as some landlords not sharing relief

Job Keeper – request it be reinstated as it kept important link between employer & employee, was more generous, much simpler

PAYG waiver – request it be reinstated, life saver in 2020 lockdown. Deferrals on offer only delay cash flow issues, they don’t solve them

Service NSW Business Concierge is in high demand & hard to get through so it’s recommended to request a call back. This in itself can take a while but is still the fastest option.

Eligibility for new businesses (2020 & 2021) & sole traders – may still be eligible but will need to be assessed manually. To access a “Manual Assessment’’ businesses should arrange a call-back from the Business Concierge team at https://mybusiness.service.nsw.gov.au….

Help for business is through NSW Govt – www.Service.nsw.gov.au

Help for individuals is through Federal Govt – www.servicesaustralia.gov.au

The Federal Treasurer, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg talks with Mosman business

Mosman Chamber President, Tamara Keniry, co-hosted this event and put forward the key issues facing local business at the time, and asked for feedback and escalation from the Treasurer.

Mosman Chamber greatly appreciated the opportunity & time given by:
Federal Treasurer, The Hon. Josh Frydenberg
Senator for NSW, Andrew Bragg
Member for Manly, James Griffin MP
and we would like to also thank Manly Chamber President, Charlotte Rimmer, for co-hosting.

Local Business Covid-19 Support Forum – Answers provided by the Minister for Finance & Small Business, to questions raised in the chat

Question : “Will the NSW Government be reintroducing the mandatory code of conduct for commercial and retail leases?”

The below answer has been superceded by the reinstatement of the Mandatory Code of Conduct. Details HERE and HERE.

The Government is considering various options to support commercial and retail landlords and tenants.

Currently, the Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2021 requires commercial and retail landlords to attempt mediation before locking out or evicting an eligible tenant for certain breaches due to the public health restrictions.

While the Regulation does not make it compulsory for landlords to reduce rent, commercial and retail landlords that do so are eligible for payments of up to 100 per cent of their 2021 land tax.

Question : “What plans are in place to address the shortage of workers in NSW, particularly in the hospitality industry?”

The NSW and Commonwealth Governments have worked together to provide JobSaver which will help businesses retain staff during the Greater Sydney lockdown. This will ensure businesses can bounce back as quickly as possible when restrictions are lifted.

More broadly, the JobTrainer (Skilling for Recovery) program is supporting vocational training and skills development across NSW. The program is designed to support the State’s economic recovery by providing the skills businesses need to sustain our economic development. The program offers fee free and low fee training options to boost skills with full and part qualification course options, as well as personalised support to assist people navigating the skills and training opportunities available in NSW. The program includes hospitality training.

Question : “How did the NSW Government determine the levels for a business’ decline in turnover to be eligible for financial support e.g. the 30%, 50%, and 70% decline in turnover for the Business Support Grants?”

The decline in turnover thresholds are in line with previous support measures offered by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments. These thresholds ensure that government funding goes to businesses that need it the most.

Question : Where can I go to get advice on my commercial or retail lease arrangements and/or to renegotiate my contract?”

If you’re having difficulty negotiating your lease arrangements, the NSW Small Business Commission’s mediation services team can support you to resolve disputes in a cost-effective and non-adversarial way. You can visit their website for more information: https://www.smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au/

Question : “How can I receive support to pay for various fees that do not fall under any of the categories covered by the NSW Government’s Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate scheme?”

Other NSW Government support can be used to cover fees and charges not covered by the rebate scheme. This includes the 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant, the 2021 COVID-19 Micro-business Grant, or JobSaver. All of these programs are currently accepting applications via Service NSW: https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/covid-19-help-businesses

Question : “Given that it’s likely that the lockdown will be extended in Greater Sydney for some time, is the Government considering any additional financial assistance for small businesses?”

The NSW and Commonwealth Government have committed billions towards COVID-19 support measures for businesses. The 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant, the 2021 COVID-19 Micro-business Grant, and JobSaver are available to a wide range of businesses impacted by restrictions. The ongoing payments provided by the Micro-business grant and JobSaver are being extended to the end of August to cover the extension of the lockdown.

Question : “Why do the current supports have no alternative test to measure revenue fall for a business that has had a material change in circumstances between July 2019 and July 2021? The JobKeeper program last year made provision for this – for example, if a business had opened a second store after July 2019.”

The below answer has been addressed by Govt allowing more flexibility in the criteria for online grant applications through Service NSW. 

The current COVID-19 support measures, including the Business Grant, Micro-business Grant and JobSaver contain flexibility for Service NSW to accept an alternative comparison period where a business cannot meet the eligibility criteria and supporting evidence requirements. These circumstances include:

  • businesses not operating for the full year to 20 June 2020 (e.g. new businesses),
  • businesses affected by drought, bushfires or other natural disasters;
  • business acquisitions, disposals or restructures; and
  • sole trader businesses or small partnerships impacted by sickness, injury or leave.

Businesses in these circumstances should contact Service NSW to determine if an alternative comparison period or alternative supporting evidence can be applied.

Supporting the Play It Forward Initiative

The Mosman Chamber of Commerce and Mosman Council are strongly supporting an initiative from an organisation called Play it Forward, to install high-back, all-abilities, inclusive swing seats for children at 12 local Mosman parks.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get your business name out there and visible in the community at a low cost and, at the same time, support an innovative, family-orientated initiative that enables all children, including those with a disability, to enjoy a sense of belonging and a fun outing at the park.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to the wonderful local businesses that came on board to support this initiative by sponsoring inclusive swings in Mosman parks! We have such a fabulous, supportive community. Sponsoring businesses include:

Mosman Toyota

Bendigo Bank Mosman

Harris Farm

Music n Me

Mosman Rotary

Vine Apparel

Di Jones Real Estate

Works Agency

Mosman Council

Think Mosman First Campaign

Have you seen these digital billboards in Mosman? They are a reminder to you, our wonderful community, to always think.. “Can I get what I need right here in Mosman?”.

Whenever you need to make a purchase, book a restaurant or use a service, the #ThinkMosmanFirst campaign is asking you to support our fabulous local businesses whenever possible – always ‘Think Mosman First’.

Our community has been so supportive and it’s very much appreciated. Let’s keep it going! Think Mosman First is a Mosman Chamber of Commerce initiative, supported by Mosman Council.

World MSME Day

Sunday 27 June is World MSME Day, a day to thank all small and family businesses for their vital contribution to Australia’s prosperity, wellbeing and community 🥳 Don’t forget to thank a small business.

This was a great initiative to be involved in. Celebrating the United Nations Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise Day yesterday the 27th of June. Awesome to see Chamber Members @sydneyharbourkayaks involved in the video, well worth a watch!
Small businesses need our support now more than ever, every little bit counts!

Celebrate World MSME Day

Thank you Senator Andrew Bragg for mentioning us!

Mosman Daily Article

Did you catch us in the Mosman Daily?

At the Chamber we are so proud to be a voice for local businesses and want to continually encourage everyone to Think Mosman First and support local. This is a fantastic article and we’d love to thank the Mosman Daily for highlighting the issues facing our businesses at this time.

Check us out featured from page 6 in the Sept 2nd, 2021 issue

Drop Your Dollars In Mosman!

In November 2021 Mosman Chamber of Commerce launched a campaign to encourage the community to continue to support local businesses, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

The Drop Your Dollars In Mosman campaign, supported by Mosman Council, included incentives for shoppers and businesses.

We asked the community to support local business by spending locally in Mosman – at a shop, café, salon, vet, chiropractor, exercise class, anything – and send in their receipt for a chance to win!

A prize was drawn each month – $500 to a lucky shopper, and another $500 to the business where they spent their money!

To enter the competition, people needed to :

  • 1. Spend money in Mosman, between 1 November and 31 December 2021
  • 2. Take a photo of their receipt, showing date of purchase, and business name
  • 3. Send the photo to 0428 670 410 (or scan the QR code on the promo flyers), with their name & the name of the business where they spent the money (they could only send each receipt once)

They could send in all their receipts for more chances to win!

We were so excited to add a new dimension to the Think Mosman First initiative!

Our lucky winners were:

November : Kim, and the lucky business was Vinnies

December: Mariko, and the lucky business was Mosman News

This was an initiative of the Mosman Chamber of Commerce, proudly supported by Mosman Council.