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Shaw Financial Services
Shaw Financial Services
Shaw Financial Services
Shaw Financial Services helps high performers to become financially successful. High Performers are passionate about developing their craft and continue to experience success. Their success creates financial opportunities, however, they do not have the time or expertise to implement these opportunities. Therefore, they see the value in outsourcing to a trusted adviser for a customised solution.

We only look to engage clients that we can add significant value. If we can’t achieve this, we will be upfront in telling you. To provide peace of mind, we guarantee our work and if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund any fees charged.

An example of the type of high performers we help:

David is 38 and Michelle is 35. They are married with two children, Joshua 4 and Olivia 2. David is a partner at a successful law firm and Michelle has her own recruitment business for high performing executives. The more successful they become in their chosen careers, the harder it is to live life on their own terms. David is working long hours and often needs to travel interstate. Michelle’s business continues to grow and she is trying her best to manage this while raising their two kids who are growing up fast.

They acknowledge they have great incomes, a beautiful home and a loving family but they can see they are missing opportunities because they are time poor and their situation is becoming increasingly complex. Ultimately, they understand their dreams will only be achieved through greater clarity and the appropriate ongoing attention.

David and Michelle wish there was someone that understands what it takes to be a high performer and has a mutual respect for their intelligence and career success. This person should be motivated to ensure their client’s are financially successful and provide customised solutions.

They are determined to only accept a high performing financial situation and looking for the right team to deliver their dreams into a reality.
Steven Shaw
02 8084 9358 or 0407 062 344
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