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Santi Finance
Santi Finance
Santi Finance
Santi Finance
Taking out a loan to purchase a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make in your life. This is a time you need a professional to help and guide you through the maze of financial products and promotional offers. Our expertise is in personalised finance and mortgage solutions for individuals and families in Sydney.

We guide you through the numerous mortgage options and promotional offers from financial institutions. We also help to find you the most competitive mortgage, one that suits your current needs and circumstances.  We can help you to discover the right options for your circumstances.

Santi Finance is a family-owned and operated Australian company. We are passionate about helping professionals and individuals with unbiased mortgage advice.

Our mission to inform you to make the right choices that will benefit you long term. To do that we will give you up-to-date information and educate you on industry related mortgage matters, give you mortgage advice that is tailored to suit your requirement and situation This will ensure your money is working harder for you so you can focus on your life goals.

Our independence is important to the way we do business as it allows us to access mortgages from both small and big financial institutions, allowing us to give you an impartial service that suits your needs.

Our Philosophy - The elephant in our logo symbolises what Santi Finance stands for; that is, strength in unity, trust, reliability, integrity and knowledge.
Pragash Santi
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